Omaha has grown tremendously over the last few years and our growth and improvements are being noticed around the country. Here's a great article from highlighting a few of the improvements our city has made and reasons why Omaha is such a great place to live, work and play. Vivace is proud to be a part of the Old Market community, one that is vital to this growth!


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Chef Bobby's notes

            Today I wanted to help people better utilize their herb gardens throughout the year.  I prepared three different pesto’s for today and served them on baked baguette with grilled chicken and slow roasted bell peppers.  The reason I chose pesto was it is so universal, shelf stable and cheap.  Pesto can be served warm or cold, eaten as a snack, served as a pasta sauce, great with all proteins and can be served as a garnish for many different appetizers.  We also served today our new reformulated pizzas and the reviews were outstanding (pesto is also great on pizza). 

            Instead of listing the recipe for each individual pesto I want to give you a skeleton recipe that you can use to make pretty much any pesto.  However, today I made a cilantro-walnut pesto, watercress-toasted almond pesto and basil-pine nut pesto. 

Makes 3 cups of Pesto

Oil        1 cup
Fresh Herb       3   cups
chopped up Nuts 1.5 cups   
for additional flavor try toasting them in the oven
Salt                  1 Tablespoon
Pepper             1 Tablespoon

            All you will need for this recipe is a food processor or if you have a hand held stick mixer you can use that to.  Put everything except for the oil into the processor, turn it on and then add the oil slowly.  If you are using a hand held stick mixer go ahead and put the oil in with everything and mix. 

            Another reason pesto is so great is you can make it your own based on what your favorite oil, nut, herb and seasonings are.  A little hint that we do sometimes is use Dijon mustard or citrus juices in them to flavor them as well. 




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Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen

September 20th, 2009.

James (Bobby) Mekiney

Amuse Bouche
 Date, Maracona Almond, Mascarpone, Coppa Ham

Foie Gras, Pomegranate, Pistachios, Tarragon, Barley
Pairing: Rotari Brut

Prosciutto wrapped Halibut, Tomato Carpaccio, Mozzarella Pearls, Baby Arugula and lemon citronette.
Pairing: Tocai

Prosciutto wrapped Halibut

Blood Orange

Duck Breast, Roasted Garlic & Short Rib Ravioli, Mushrooms, Sherry and Leeks.
Pairing: Cusumano Benuara

Poppyseed Cake, Lemon Curd, Italian Buttercream, Lace Cookie
Pairing: Limoncello & Espresso

Poppyseed Cake






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